Jul 31, 2017 11 00 AM PDT
This event has now ended:

Virtual Tattoo Workshop

Get incredibly intimate access to one of the best tattooers alive. Ask questions and learn, all for free. Get ready for the Virtual tattoo workshop.

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Virtual Tattoo Workshop

Professional tattooers can get intimate knowledge of advanced tattooing techniques, ask questions moderated live, and follow along with world class artists ready to teach you the skills you need to evolve. 

Virtual Tattoo Workshop - Sign-Up and... 
1. We will send you an Email of the tattoo details, equipment, process, stencil prep, everything that will be covered
2. Recieve a virtual gift bag with discounts and promotions for all the products the tattooer will be using.
1. Spend the day following along or just watch as  Guru Tattoo’s Aaron Della Vedova
2. Ask questions as he works to complete one tattoo
3. 6 camera angles to get unprecedented views of the tattoo process.
7. For true professional tattooers ONLY, the topics and concepts will be advanced. No 

$99 Value absolutely FREE. 
Flash drives will be available for $50 should you choose to purchase 
the live stream after the fact from the artist themselves.
After the LIVE EVENT - Stream the workshop for $50 anywhere in the world. 
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